This is the design portfolio of Richard Fussey.

Below is a selection of projects completed whilst at Trapped in Suburbia in the Netherlands. I am currently a Creative at HarrimanSteel, Amsterdam.
For more work, download an extensive archive here.


On The Road: Travelling with the Photographer

National Archives of the Netherlands

This exhibition presents visitors with new ways to view the National Archives' vast photography collection. One of those being unique photos chairs to create an intimate experience. On The Road highlights the prominence of travel in the development of photography. On display are images by Ed van der Elsken, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and other eminent international photographers.

Being the first in the series, the entire structural design is a modular system that can be easily deconstructed and rebuilt in different layouts for future exhibitions. A bespoke hanging system was designed specifically for this exhibition reducing preparation time by 80%.


The identity for Develops, a project management consultancy, is not a representation of their process but the real thing. Develops turn ideas into reality through a significant amount of sketching and problem solving using flip-over charts. These used charts were then cut into the various stationery items: letterheads, business cards, notepads and envelopes. The identity is cost effective and promotes recycling.

Jaap Drupsteen: Designer | Explorer

Museum Hilversum

Legendary Dutch designer Jaap Drupsteen was a pioneer in chroma keying - the blue/green screen effect. In a pre-computer age using this technique he superimposed actors and graphics into different settings. This retrospective exhibition and accompanying book, showcases Drupsteen's fruitful career and the magic of chroma keying.

Just Peace

This annual festival has one goal; peace. The festival branding derives from national flags which are broken down into their graphic elements. Doing so reveals national flags frequently share the same shapes and colours and even though we try to separate ourselves, in essence we are the same.

Ruimte voor de spelende mens

The City of The Hague

Ruimte voor de spelende mens (Space for the Playing People) declares The Hague's dream of becoming a utopian city based on the artist Constant Nieuwenhuys' New Babylon. Here the city is an environment where inhabitants can focus solely on their creativity and exist as homo ludens, 'playing man'.

This financial report details the budget distribution to the many cultural institutions across The Hague. Fulfilling the city's dream the publication gives the reader the chance to play. Content is divided into seven books which form a tangram puzzle. The report's ethos, 'everything must remain possible, everything can happen', is emphasised through the infinite combinations of a tangram.


DNA contains your characteristics and indications of how your life may unfold. FirStories produce testing kits that allow the curious to discover the data in their DNA, uncovering indicators to physical appearance, personal attributes, current and future health.

Across the brand identity, a parallel is made between the DNA helix and a timeline. This is emphasised in elements such as the business card which opens to reveal more information.

Flags of Peace

Throughout history several attempts have been made to establish a peace flag. There are many symbols and colours we associate with peace, yet no single peace flag has gained full international recognition. What is peace? How can peace be symbolised? What do we want to achieve with a peace flag?

Flags of Peace seeks to answer these questions. Commissioning a flag design from every nation in the world, the project creates a visual dialogue around peace and its symbolism. The flags are designed by both established and talented new designers. Together they form a spectrum of ideas on the subject, each presenting a particular viewpoint.